Become efficient. Be sustainable.

01 Challenge yourself

Challenges help you know when and how much you can save. Achieve the goal and get rewarded.



Become more efficient. Save energy. Reduce CO² emissions.

02 Challenge others

3 things about the challenges where you share:


03 My energy ID

3 steps to explain the Energy ID


To run a challenge, choose your profile. There are two profiles available:

To run any challenge, you must choose before your profile. There are two profiles available: the cost profile and the sustainability profile.

Each time you complete a challenge, the energy saved during the challenge is converted in points and credited in the profile you chose.

brain-e_v12_2 2

When you get a certain level of profile points, you win a medal related to that profile, and you unlock a new medal.


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We have the solution to efficiently manage your household consumption. Click here.

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05 About us

Our mission

Manage efficiently final consumption in households, businesses, and institutions.

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