Why is brain-e useful?

brain-e helps you manage better you electricity consumption. With brain-e you will be able to monitor your energy consumption and track your energy bill reductions. You can participate in energy saving challenges that reward you with points that can be traded for prizes, while you save energy. You can be part of an environmentally friendly community and have a positive impact in the environment together with your friends and neighbors.

How much electricity can I save with brain-e?

10! Remember this number. This means €60/year if you have €50/month bill, €120/year if you have €100/month bill, or €240/year if you have €200/month bill. If you improve your windows or replace your old appliances, this number should be higher.

Our goal is to ensure that you do save 10%, but you can save more, possibly much more. If you monitor your consumption daily and participate in a challenge per week you should be able to save 20%. With each challenge you save electricity but besides saving electricity you earn lots of points that you can trade for rewards – the more points you get the more rewards you get and in the end you pay less for your electricity!

What are the first steps after registering?

There are three basic steps:

  1. you connect a meter
  2. you challenge someone
  3. the person you challenged is added to your community after the challenge and your community just grew!

Why are energy meters useful?

Energy meters help you identify the 10% that you could be saving and they help you identify the appliances that need replacement.

How do I connect an energy meter?

It depends on the energy meter, but typically you just have to add a unique ID of the meter you want to add. Furthermore, the meter should be compatible with brain-e. If you want to check if your meter is compatible with us, click here for a complete list. If your meter is not on the list, please let us know here.

I don't have a meter, how do I get one?

If you don’t have a meter you can buy one from our online store.

Why should I participate in challenges?

You should participate in challenges if you:

  1. want to grow a community
  2. you want to be a leader of your community
  3. you want to earn lots of points!

Why can’t I create a challenge?

In order to participate in challenges you have to have a valid energy meter connected. Therefore, if you cannot create a challenge either you

  1. don’t have a meter or
  2. your meter is disconnected.

What kind of challenges are there?

There are three types of challenge:

  1. Energy saving challenges, where you compete against other people to save electricity – wins who saves more!
  2. Energy spending challenges, where you compete against other people to spend electricity – wins who spends more!
  3. Energy cooperation challenges, where you collaborate with other people so that, together, everyone saves electricity.

Why are there energy spending challenges?

Because there are periods in the day when electricity is cheaper or greener and thus it makes sense to spend more electricity in those periods to save electricity later.

How do I invite people to brain-e?

In order to invite people to brain-e, you have to create a challenge and challenge the people you want to invite. They will be notified that you challenged them and be invited to join brain- e, and your challenge.

What is the purpose of the community?

The purpose of communities is to enable saving energy together – because things done together are much easier. Also, communities allow residential consumers to have more weight and more aggregate savings, as there are more people with the same goal.

What kind of communities are there?

There are two kinds of communities: open communities and closed communities. Open communities are willing to merge: after a challenge, everyone participating in the challenge will be part of the open community. On the other hand, closed communities are willing to maintain their identity: after a challenge they keep on having the same members. Only the community leaders can change the community status from open to closed or vice-versa.

How do I grow my community?

You grow your community by challenging people that do not belong to it already. The people you challenge can be on brain-e already, or can be new people. Either way, after the challengethe people you challenged are added to your community. In order to grow, the community should be an open community.

What can I do to earn points?

With brain-e you are always getting points. You get points:

  1. when you register
  2. when you connect a meter
  3. when you invite other people to the platform
  4. when you log in
  5. when if you participate in challenges
  6. when you win a challenge – even more points!